Saturday, September 3, 2011


Maybe it is because I've been through so much in my life, but those connections that are made through family and friends, and even the odd acquaintance, along with the little moments that they can produce, truly touch my heart. The simplest of gestures or the highly profound actions, they are the things that allow me to enjoy life. 

Let's face it, the days we face, the situations, they can be at times miserable. We come face to face with horrible, shocking and sad realities. It can be hard to go on and see past the darkness. These are the times we have to remember, life is beautiful! We have to be strong and force our way through the quagmire to find that silver lining. Because it is there; in every and all situations. And when I say 'life is beautiful' I'm not just referring to the breathtaking scenery of mother nature, I'm talking about people. Family, friends or strangers can offer the most delicate of flowers when least expected. People can say and/or do the most amazing, sincere, heartfelt things, when they, you or someone else is pinned up against a rock!

I like to think of myself as a strong person. Physically.... maybe, emotionally.... definitely. I've been through some dark times, and I have survived. I will continue to do so. But it is those connections to people, to life, that makes all the difference.

Recently I found myself in a dilemma, I had an accident and was struck with a bit of panic because I didn't want what had happened to me to spill over to my mom and create more worry than necessary. A name popped into my head and I reached out for help. I won't say I was surprised to have received the lending hand, but I was touched by the thoughtfulness that came along with it. This was from a person I had interacted with (briefly) only twice over the last year and a half. It was once a friendship I had sadly thought lost. Whether this friendship is to be rekindled remains a question. But it is the connection, even if small, that is what led to this moment, this thoughtful action. It was this connection that helped me think positively while I got through what I knew I could.
These beautiful connections are all around and can pop up when least expected. We have to keep an eye out for them, really see and except and appreciate them. They are part of the make-up of life. The way I see it, if I allow these connections, big or small, to wash over me, to fill me up, I can get through anything.

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