Saturday, September 17, 2011


The definition of someone who has a disability could be: "Someone who works hard to achieve the most amazing results." Fact is, you don't have to be sitting in a wheelchair or dealing with some on going disease to simply become depressed and give up on life.

I have overcome my own barriers in life to achieve success in quite a few arenas and there is a whole lot of proof that tells or shows us that others have too. My mother, who deals with her own disability, has come so far and is doing so well in not only my eyes, but the multiple eyes of others. My mother attends an Aphasia program (a program for people with communication disorders) as well as being a client with the Ontario March of Dimes. Through these two organizations I have met some people who've suffered from stroke, aneurysms, heart attacks, people who live with the aid of a wheelchair or walker; the list can go on. The stories I read and the people I see on television; it is amazing! The things people with a disability can accomplish.

The other day I watched a great movie called Soul Surfer, a story based on the real life events of Bethany Hamilton.; A girl who at the young age of thirteen was attacked by a shark and lost her arm. Her faith and determination were truly inspiring! It was the documentary after the film that really got to me; to hear her own words.

People are capable of so much and it is beautiful to watch them stand tall and overshadow any barriers in life that they run into, to accomplish things. Some of us need to be reminded of this every-so-often, because that term disability, or even the phrase of needing to overcome a barrier(s), can sometimes paint a damaging picture; for others as well in our own minds. The word disability can sound awful, but it can really be a beautiful thing. We just need to learn to focus on the content inside and not just the word.

We all have our own strengths to contribute.
No one is the same, but we are ALL equal.

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