Friday, February 25, 2011

Revolving confusions, many frustrations and one anthem

So I quite often get confused, it happens at least once a day. I'm not sure what it is that changes at a faster pace, the world, nature/weather, or people's opinions. I get confused with my role sometimes in both the employment world and my own personal world.
Maybe it's all me. I just don't understand why things that should be easy need to be stretched out and made to be so dramatic. I don't understand why "trying your hardest" or "putting your best foot forward" isn't necessarily always good enough. I'm not entirely naive, I get that things sometimes just don't work out, it's just the going on and on about what went wrong I don't get. And I'm not talking about venting, everyone needs to let off some steam once and a while; I'm referring to the crazy assumptions that can be made, the "blame game", the self-serving actions. It can be frustrating! I've seen people brought to tears and hair pulling frenzies because of it; me included. I probably get more frustrated than confused, though I think the two go hand in hand; most of the time anyway.
My confusion and frustrations in part stem from my life barriers. Having to take a little more time at things or processing certain information slower, if at all, can be daunting. Forgetting things and not being able to focus when rushed or trying to do more than one thing at a time. But it is also everyday stuff, things that I think most people go through..... like traffic! Inflating gas prices! Slow computers that take forever to load a page!!

They're both a part of life and there is unfortunately nothing I know of to change it. But I have learned how to deal with them. The first and foremost is my writing, putting words to paper (or screen) and coming up with a story or interesting (I hope) blog. There are quite a few other things, depending on personal taste, that can be used to divert these nasty bits that get in the way.One of these diversions I think that most people take advantage of is music. There are so many great tunes out there that one can find themselves dancing to, humming or signing aloud with. Songs can be motivating and inspirational.
One song that I really enjoy that comes to mind is Katy Perry's "Firework". There is R Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly"; Amanda Marshall's "Believe In You"; "It's a Beautiful Day" by U2; the classic "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" originally sung by Judy Garland; or the ever inspirational "Chariots of Fire" theme music. There are so many other wonderful songs to list; it could go on and on. And even though I may be found singing along in my car at times and enjoying some of these and other songs, my true anthem that my lungs sometimes burn out to is Avril Lavigne's "Take Me Away."
I'm a fan of most of her stuff but it is this song that has struck me. Whether it is the lyrics, the tune, her voice, the way she sings it, I don't know; but as soon as I hear it, it sinks into my skin. I realize that some may say that the lyrics in this song aren't exactly inspiring, but to me they are. When things go wrong, when I feel I've made a mistake, when I feel alone or misunderstood or frustrated at everything going on in my life, I listen to this song and it gets me through. I turn up the volume, I listen to it, I sing along with it, I get pumped up, I bop my head and shoulders to it and all of those crazy things that are dragging me down get pushed aside, stomped out, and I realize just how small all of those problems are. I explode inside and I know I can stand up and handle anything! I have and always will.
Whether it is the same song I chose, one of the ones I mentioned above, or one from a wide variety of other phenomenal tunes, everyone should have an anthem; or something, even if it is not a song. We all have our confusions and frustrations and we all need something or someone to help us realize that we can stand up and handle things.

Though sometimes you'll just want to listen to the song for sake of listening to it, frustrations or not. So if you'll excuse me, I got to go find my anthem.

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