Saturday, October 10, 2020



Time is a funny thing. It comes, it goes, and it changes. It has brought to me challenges and frustrations but also happiness and success. Time has helped me capture moments and create memories, but it is uncontrollable, you can’t slow it down or speed it up.

Time can on occasion feel like it is agonizingly moving slow, slower than waiting for a train to pass by when I need to get through, but more often than not it whizzes along before I can accomplish all the things that I planned out in my mind. Days can go by too fast, things approach too quickly, good times come and are gone in what can seems like a heartbeat. Why is it that the things we dread or fear seem to last and go on, but the laughter and fun are over too quickly? Regardless though, time has given me great experiences and has made me appreciate so much.

Time has not healed all of my wounds, but it has helped turn me into a gentle, thoughtful, strong person with character. It has allowed me to see and to understand that this world is full of beauty even if veiled often by darkness. Beautiful people, abilities, cultures and colours. That is what time has done for me. It is full of possibilities.

I’m in no hurry; we do not need to rush.

We can grow in age, beauty and thought.

We can learn from each other, our education, even our mistakes.

Time can give us all that.

I can only hope.

But I also wish I had more time. I know that it is precious. If used properly, it is accommodating and abundant.

I have gotten lost in time, trapped by my own thoughts. Sometimes good, sometimes happy, other times… not so much

I am grateful for the time that I have been given, and I look forward to what is to come.



New beginnings.

The world is in a place where we all need to be trying to slow things down, to really reflect and build toward something great! There is so much time in hand, but where does it go? For my own reasons, I have been wanting and hoping for things to slow down for most of my life. To truly recognize what time offers. To be able to breathe more fully, to see more wildly, to feel more freely.

Time can work against us; but doing it right can put it on our side and in our corner.

Time. It is a funny thing.

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