Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Testing the Waters

In this crazy thing called life that seems to quickly speed along, but also slow to a crawl at times, I often find myself wondering about the BIG moments. Where are they? What are they?

Are the big moments landing a hundred and fifty K a year job? Becoming a number one best-selling author? Finding a life-long partner in love?

I’ve been through a few jobs, I’ve written a few books, and I have been in a few relationships.

Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. Maybe they are just moments; moments to remember; moments to cherish. Like the friend in high school who stuck by my side despite others moving ahead. Despite my lack of…. Does it matter? Like the day I was able to walk out of the hospital after re-learning how to use my legs and muscles because my brain forgot what they were supposed to do.

As I take the time and really see things, I guess that moments have happened for me already; and are happening now; and will always be happening.

Not BIG, just moments. BIG isn’t for me anyway.

Jobs, writing, relationships …. Whatever, they just all happen at MY own kind of stride. The way that works for me. Because I lead with my heart, I can’t lead with my head, it just doesn’t work that way.

As I take the time and really see things, I realize that those moments, for me, come at a cautious pace. I do the things that make me feel comfortable; but no matter how many times I may have travelled a similar path, I am uncertain. And I have come to understand, that that is okay, because it is me.

I will forever be testing the waters for my moments; I just need to remember to take the time, not get caught up in the slow funk or the runaway train of life.

So whether it is a new job, a new story to tell, a new relationship; they are all just that….new. The past is the past. The present and future is new, different, unique.

I just need to breathe and tell myself:

Test the waters.

Find the moments.

Keep on going.

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  1. Hey Mark:
    I have to agree. "Test the waters" and have absolutely no expectations!