Saturday, May 31, 2014

Word Play

As a writer I love using certain words like Monolith and Omnipotent; and in life there are certain words that resonate within me, words that I adhere to, words like Inclusion, Equality or Amelioration. Like that one? Look it up.

It is my belief that in our ever changing society there is always room for improvement, self reflection and growth, but that does not mean we should overlook another great word, Acceptance. Not accepting "what is" can make our lives quite difficult at times. For example: I accept the challenges and barriers brought forth by my disability, but I am always trying to improve on how I deal with them, work with and around them, and perhaps even overcome them. If I don't accept those things, then I might drown in them, allowing them to overshadow what could be.

All of what we do is brought on by an action that is brought on by a thought that is started with a word. Whether spoken, written or silently contemplated, words can bring us up or tear us down. Words can be inspirational or despairing.They are pretty powerful in the way that they can create beauty, imagery, mystery and hope. Words can bring about sorrow and hatred.

Strung together they can make exquisite music or engaging stories, or malicious propaganda. Words can paint surreal worlds, helping us get magically lost and then being found again, or they can bring about real awareness and help to educate.

Words should be honoured, respected and chosen carefully before being thrown around. They effect us all and I don't think we realize the impact words can have.

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