Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time Out

It is disappointing to me that this can sometimes be a "me" focused world; people thinking about nothing but themselves. It's sad. So many people go through life dealing with stresses, loneliness and depression because of this very fact. But, there are others who don't live in the "me" focused world, trying, sometimes desperately, to help.
I am one of those people wanting to lend a hand where needed. I am a person who lives life with his heart on his sleeve. Realizing that I am limited in what I can do to make this a better world is sometimes hard to swallow, but I deal with it and do the best that I can. To help my family and others and share the love that I feel inside is all I want.
I am the very opposite of "me" focused.
Is this a good thing?
Over time I have come to realize that placing yourself last is not necessarily best.
Taking the time to take care of yourself is important; for everyone!
Only the best you, or me, can offer the best help.

So where is the balance? I think I once had it; I know I did.
So I have put myself on a journey to find it again. I can never become a "me" focused person..... no one should. It's not right. And, well, it's just not me. But perhaps I can be a little more cautious with where, or how often, I lend my hand.

I want to be able to enjoy dancing in my kitchen again or finding inspiration in the "Tiny Feet" of my niece.

If everyone could find this balance I feel that we would all be much happier.
I challenge you.
I challenge myself.

No one can do it it alone, we all need a little help.
See how that works?

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