Monday, August 26, 2013

The Constant Journey.....

It has been a while since I sat down to put my fingers to the keyboard and type out a post for this blog, and I specifically say this blog because I have been sitting here typing out many things over the past few months. My job has kept me busy, the fact that I write posts for the BIST (Brain Injury Society of Toronto) blog, other volunteer work that I do, family stuff, things around the house......... life is busy. We all find the juggle of living a productive and (hopefully) happy life, busy. There is not always enough time...... or maybe, sometimes, we just want too much.

Success is never achieved until we accept it.
Happiness is never gained until we allow it.
Love is never fulfilled until we open ourselves to it.

I've heard, seen, and even felt my own need to search for something unknown. Sometimes something unattainable. And I wonder why? Why is it sometimes we seek out things like stress and drama? Why is it that sometimes we feel our life is missing something?

There are sayings, fairly positive ones, that say something like "we can do anything we put our mind too" or "that we can be/achieve or obtain anything we strive for". Great! Inspirational even.. maybe. But I think those sayings can also put on hidden pressures. It is okay to not be able to do something. It is okay to have limitations.

Change needs to be accepted and we should always be on the look out to better ourselves and learn something new things... I truly believe that. But sometimes letting go is the best thing. Giving up on something or not achieving certain goals does not constitute failure.
Life evolves, goals and outlooks on life change, new priorities are born and some are left behind. There aren't as many rights and wrongs as we think and NO MATTER what we do in life, no one is more superior than anyone else. (okay, I suppose you could dig into that one, but you know what I mean) We are all equal and the things we do deserve respect.
I do not know when, or even why, some people feel that there is a race to see who can become more successful. You can beat someone in obtaining more money, you can beat someone in obtaining a nicer job, a new car, fancy trinkets, the latest clothes. But you cannot beat someone in obtaining success.

I sometimes wonder if we eliminated the dollar value of things in this world if we'd all be happier. Perhaps. Perhaps not. But I know that equality and inclusion, fairness and acceptance, are words that I like. And I wonder why we struggle so much with things such as poverty and war when I'm not certain the world really has to.

We can all have success, we can all be happy, we can all find love, but it also all depends on us.

Maybe if we really relax and let go, we would find that there is enough.

The journey through life is constant and I won't always have time to write entries into this blog. I need to accept that. Change is inevitable for everyone, but if we want it and realize that hardships will come and go and don't always matter all that much, then we'll be fine. The SHL (Success, Happiness, Love) is always there knocking at the door..... you just need to answer it. I sometimes struggle at keeping that door open and I sometimes lose my way, but I've come to realize its being there is a permanent thing. Although, if you think I'm full of crap, that what I'm saying isn't true and a La-La fairytale, than I cannot help you. Everyone will find the SHL in their own way...... I just don't think it is as hard to find as some of us make it out to be.

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  1. You are so right, Mark. It is okay to not be able to do something, to have limitations. It is okay to crash and burn sometimes.
    And it does all depend on us. On our views of certain things, of our acceptance of change and ability to let some things, ideas and misconceptions go. Only then can we truly realize that things aren't as hard as we make them to be.

    I've had to let go of posting on my blog three times a week and do it only once, on Mondays. But it's something I need to do, for myself. Even if not as many people follow my blog as before, even if not as many leave comments sharing their thoughts. It is my space, one that I love and won't abandon, even if the posts cunt has dropped.