Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tik Tok

I often feel like I am in a battle with time and I don't know if I am winning.

I suppose like most other people, we tend to feel that time is slipping away just a bit too quickly. And it is something we cannot control..... minutes, hours, days, years. Their lasting abilities are always set. Time management is not an easy thing to figure out in a world that is full of so much . Workloads on the job seem to be ever increasing, traffic seems to be getting busier and becoming more delayed, (even though people seem to want to drive like madmen) and technology..... which can translate into Social Media, seems to be forever expanding and growing. Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on.

For someone who has a difficulty with time, with keeping up, it becomes frustrating and confusing when I find the ones that I have difficulty keeping up with, having difficulty keeping up. At a normal pace I can find myself two or three steps behind....never mind this.

Everyday I have to re-organize my time because pretty much every day for me is different. I know that days differ for everyone, but I am not necessarily talking about wrenches being thrown into the mix, I'm referring to my own personal speed of being able to get through a twenty-four hour period. My ability to get dressed and ready for work, for example, varies. I think I follow the same steps as every morning, but time spans aren't alike. Tasks at work, eating lunch or dinner, writing a blog, reading ten pages of a book. These things and others, seemingly similar in pattern, tend to take more or less time every other time I do them.

My brain injury resulted in much damage, but I'm pretty sure that it created for me my own clock, whether I want it or not.

Don't get me wrong. I do appreciate the things time has time given; both past and present. I've accomplished things, I've had good (even amazing) friends come and go, I greatly value my family. But it hasn't been easy. I have had to prioritize and that has only come through learning. I am still learning that there are things I cannot do because of time. Articles I cannot read, things I cannot write. I do continue to try, but I'm realizing there are times I just cannot do a certain task because other things are too important and I need the time to do them.

It can be very frustrating! But I guess I am learning that I don't really need to worry that much about losing the battle with time; or maybe I should re-phrase that to say that I shouldn't really worry or care much for the battle, period. I don't need to cram it all in. I need to remind myself of that. Maybe we all do.

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