Friday, July 6, 2012

The Sweetest Thing

"I don't quite know; How to say, How I feel. Those three words; Are said too much; They're not enough."

These are lyrics from Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. This is a beautiful song, beautifully sung, with great lyrics. Everyone has their own interpretations of things and what they might mean. I like to think of it this way: the song is about romance and couples being together, and this line says that those words I Love You sometimes need to be expressed in other ways when in this situation. Because I Love You can, and maybe should, apply to any relationship that makes people feel good.

Love is a universal thing and should be shared and passed on.

Definition: Love is an emotion of a strong affection. Love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion and affection —"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another". Love may describe actions towards others or oneself based on compassion or affection. 

Yet for some reason when strung together with the words I and You, it takes on different meanings. You hear I Love You and people tend to think perhaps "commitment" or "forever" or the idea that someone wants something. (For example: sex) It can also bring about feelings of obligation or fear. Someone may feel compelled to say I Love You in return of hearing it.

A few months ago now my friend Estrella referred me to a website called "The World Needs More Love Letters" and I just had to become involved with this organization and their movement. It is all about writing (which if you know me or have read some of my past posts, I have a hugely strong passion for) and more importantly, spreading and sharing the Love. This is a great thing!! More people should be doing it!! Once a month I send off a specific Love Letter to a recipient that the organization has found in need. But I also write and spread these Love Letters wherever I can get to. Because Love Letters don't have to be about romance, they are about human kindness, compassion and affection —"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another"

But even before getting involved with The World Needs More Love Letters I often questioned why Love is not often easily shared.  Why is it that we tend to have no problems exclaiming out Love for a meal, a movie or television show, an actor or author,(whom we've never met) but have difficulties expressing it to those closest? I'll admit that I don't often use the word Love when talking to people, but I have my challenges with verbal communication that go way deeper than the word Love. (again, if you know me or have read some of my past posts you know what I'm referring to)

I dated a girl who once told me that she Loved me and then a few days later I was dumped. I could have been pissed and confused, (I'll admit that I was, but it was more out of a sadness and disappointment) because those words are supposed to mean "commitment" or "forever", right? I knew that this wasn't the case. I have no regrets and hold no grudges. Coupled relationships don't work out for many reasons, the simplicity of Love isn't it; not really. Differences, goals, personalities, lies, abuse, misunderstandings; these are what break people up. Couples, friends, acquaintances. People don't like other people because of characteristics. Not because of Love; Love is really always there when you're dealing with human goodness; the heart and the soul. And Love can still be there after break ups or divorce.... we've all heard people who have split from one another say "I still Love him". Well, I have.

Romantic couples can whisper the phrase I Love You, (though it can get mixed in with other emotions) family members can exchange it, I've even heard girlfriends say it to one another. But beyond this, using the L-O-V-E word becomes a problem. It shouldn't. Because Love is the sweetest thing! 



  1. That it is, Mark, that it is!

    It warms my heart that you like MoreLoveLetters so much and even started leaving love letters around for others to find, not only sending one in for the monthly love letter bundle. As you know, I left one love letter behind every single day in June. And it was amazing.
    Yesterday, I was on a road trip, and left a love letter behind at the waterfall (in a dry place) :)

    You are so very right, Mark, no matter if one is in a relationship and says I Love You every day, or sometimes, or breaks up and still loves the other person. Because that is what love is. Definitely the sweetest thing!

  2. Hi Mark, I found your site through Estrella and am so glad I did. I love, (sorry if that sounds pundish but I do), the honesty of this post. Some of us say "I love you" so much that it tends to lose its true meaning, and then others can't seem to say it at all. My grandmother, who passed away in 1990, instilled the practice of saying "love you" when we left the house, any house, all family members. That could've become such a rote expression, but thankfully it meant something to me, it meant that we should always tell those we love that we love them. Now, when my husband and sons leave the house, even if they're just going for a walk, we always say "love you". I'm just so glad we mean it.
    I'd best stop now before I write a comment longer than the post (a habit when I'm touched by the words). Thanks so much for this beautiful post.

    1. Thank you for the comment and I hope you visit again.