Friday, February 10, 2012

Here is the Steeple

Throughout my childhood up to the age of 13 I attended church with my family, but when I lost my dad we stopped going. We attended on special occasions like Christmas or Easter, but even then, not so much. I always had my beliefs and I carried them with me wherever I went.
In late February of 2010 things slightly changed for me and I took another step in the Evolution of Mark Koning, I went back to church. There are occasions that I do not go, but I do try to attend most Sunday's.

I was taught this neat little thing in my early years (which you may know yourselves) where I would bring my hands together, interlace my fingers, and recite the rhyme, "Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the door and see all the people." I think this is a pretty good way to explain one of the reasons I go church. "To see all the people." To get a sense of belonging. I like that. The feeling of community is a wonderful thing! It is very uplifting in it's own right.
I enjoy listening to the sermons that are given and being inspired or made to think about aspects of life in a whole new light. I like the singing of hymns, (some are very well done and very touching) and it is enjoyable to listen to the talented choir our church has to present. I very much like the feeling of easement and peace I get while there; and I like the idea that I can return to this place every week; or even every day if I felt compelled.

I realize church is not for everyone, people should go with what feels right for them. I also realize some people that do attend church are there for reasons that are different from mine. But for the reasons I listed above I felt that I needed to state the church as being a "Tool of Hope".
I don't think going to church has necessarily made me a better person (per se) and I never started attending because I felt that I needed God in my life. I have always felt God to be part of my life and I'd like to think I've always been a good person. But I have grown, and I do think going to church has been a part of that growth. I also get a sense of hope from going to church; hope for community and acceptance.
In some form or another, whether on level .05 or level 105, I think we all want to be included. The church offers that.

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