Friday, February 17, 2012

The Heart of the Matter

The Heart & Stroke Foundation is one of those organizations that not only helps to deal with a current problem but works on promoting awareness to help eliminate..... or substantially reduce..... the actual problem.
"Did you know that up to 80% of premature heart disease and stroke, and about half of all cancers, can be prevented through healthy public policies and lifestyle changes, such as increasing physical activity, healthy eating, reducing high-risk alcohol consumption and eliminating tobacco use?" *Heart and Stroke - Healthiest Province
The current "Make Death Wait" campaign is a brilliant one and seems to be all over the place, and even though a bit touchy and dramatic, who wouldn't really want to live with a motto like that? Death hits quite a few people way too early in age and this wonderful organization is telling us that we do have a say, we do have power, we can overcome.
There are no promises in life, I'm sure we all know that; life can be cruel and unfair and the loss of life is sometimes (sadly) simply unavoidable. But there is hope, there is no need to lye down and accept the sad circumstances we can find surrounding us. We can choose to be happy and healthy, and by doing so we can possibly extend the beauty of the life we lead.

For the past two years now I have participated in the Big Bike ride and I love it!  I look forward to it every year; to help raise money and awareness for a great cause; to get some fun and exercise by riding that big ol' bike. I will be calling for support when the time comes, but there is also no need to wait; February is Heart month. There is a clock counting down the time left to get involved. Canvassers are hitting the streets, 85,000 strong!

To read more about this amazing foundation just click: Heart and Stroke Foundation. Fighting for life, for ourselves, and/or for others has got to be one of the most noble of things anyone of us can claim to do.


  1. Sounds like a worthy cause, Mark. I might have a heart attack if I tried the bike ride, though.

    1. Thanks Everett. I think some of the others I ride with are saying the saying the same thing and it is the reason the ride isn't so long. LOL!

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