Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Some Changes

Difficulties come and go, but sadly, some remain. I have seen my share and I continue to live with the ones that do not seem to want to leave me alone. But even when they do, they don’t; know what I mean? The reprieve is little, and the chance of return seems to be unending and the reoccurrence tends to come when least expected.

Those challenging times, or traumatic events, they are always in the back of the mind, serving as reminders to vulnerability. Chalk it up to part of life’s experiences I guess.

But while dealing with the hardships, while trying to accept and adapt and make any needed changes, I try to look beyond; always searching for something to grasp onto that is real, that is better. Because while changes happen, things also remain the same. The love of my family, the friendships I have gained, the great memories, the laughter, the accomplishments, my self-worth and my identity.

I don’t know where I may have gone wrong with certain things, but I do recognize where I have gone right… or at least I try to.

Mistakes, improvements, loves and loss.

Some things change, some things don’t.

In life we change, we grow and we learn new ways; but we also stay the same.

I still remain quiet and creative, but become more confident in time. Like a good book, my character has developed and followed new paths. And while my heart is open, welcoming, and frequently worn on my sleeve, it remains constant.

Something happens and creeps up in life, and I think about changes. New directions in which to go about the routine of living. We incorporate new things such as diet or maybe exercise. We add things, we take some away. But in the end, with all of these new explorations and experiences, good or bad, I am still me. Regardless of the added on, or different, layers, the authentic me is still right here. And as long as I remember, who I am and what I can offer, I can deal and get through anything.

Eyes on the horizon and toward any coming changes.

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