Monday, December 31, 2018

It Happens Every Year...

So what is the big deal? December 31st of one year changes to January 1st for the following. It has happened before, since the dawn of time really. The crowds and the exhaustion. The chaos and anxious moments. Is it worth it? 

The days past when I spent countless time searching for parking only to end up squished into a New Year’s party swaying back and forth, not because I wanted to sway but because the surrounding forces were at work. Not to mention the $$$ spent on a day that came and went just like that.

Why is it so significant to celebrate with family, friends, strangers even? The big to-do parties; the promises and resolutions that tend, for the most part, to end up broken.

I just want to close my eyes and forget the entire thing… this ritual of celebrating New Year’s Eve. Bringing in what is going to come regardless of a big ball being dropped.

But then that quiet moment occurs and I see.

Life, every year, from January 1st to December 31st, is full of chaos. Exhaustion, anxiety, shattered dreams and promises that do not happen; sadly, it is true. Time races by so fast that not only are strangers ignored, but at times friends, and even family. Sometimes even ourselves.

Things are unpredictable at best.

But it happens every year.

I believe in self-care. I believe we all need to sometimes stop and to take a step back when necessary. I know it is true, I have done it myself when needing to re-adjust. But often I forget or only do it half assed at best.

All of us need to remember, reflect, and see what really matters. Love; hope; laughter. We tend to cruise by these things in the fast pace of life. So maybe the calendar change is simply a reminder, a time for us to slow down. 

Broken resolutions or not, big time party time or not, maybe it’s what is needed, to hit a stop sign and take a moment. To chill and maybe even rewind a bit. A capsule of time that seemingly forces us to pace ourselves enough to pay attention to our surroundings and start listening to the beat our drum is really playing.

What has been achieved? What, or who, has been loved or lost? What memories should be carried and held onto? Family, friends, partners and neighbours. Good times and bad. Moments, big and small. Dreams of what could be. Hugs, and smiles and little things in between.

Hold onto the memories of not only this year, but others that have passed; and continue moving forward. Doing it the best way possible and being authentic to who we are. Knowing we are responsible for our own happiness. Finding meaning in what we see fit. Seeing the dream, allowing ourselves to feel the hope, however that may play out. And altering our course or journey when needed.

These are the thoughts that help me hold my head up.
Yeah. I guess then it is worth it.


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