Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Boys & Girls & Friendships and Stuff

Some boys like girls;

some girls like boys;

some boys like other boys;

some girls like other girls.

Acquaintances, friendships, intimacies...

What matters is what is on the inside, the heart and the feelings it creates. Sounds simple; makes sense. But is it? Not so much for this boy.

It is difficult to understand; difficult to understand others; difficult to understand myself. People. What am I supposed to say? What do I do? What is it supposed to be like? But maybe, there is no ‘supposed to be’. Maybe it is my old brain complicating things. Shouldn’t those feelings that the heart creates be good and simple? Good and simple don’t drain me; they don’t exhaust me.

Trying to get out of the way of myself and around my own thoughts can be a challenge. Is this part of human nature, or just my nature? Boys and girls, friendships or more, I don’t think they should be complicated. I understand struggles and challenges; I understand working hard for something you want; but I don’t get complications of the simplest nature.

Health issues, disability challenges, financial stress, life in general. These are the complications to worry about, the ones we cannot necessarily control. Boys and girls and feelings from the heart… them not so much.

Maybe I’m just a simple boy with too many fairy tale dreams. I just don’t understand when simple feelings of the heart became replaced with surface complications. When did we start to accept that something worthwhile was something of hard labour?

The feelings between boys and girls and friendships and more, and how we get along. These should be precious things, not complicated ones.

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