Monday, February 20, 2017


It’s all about moving forward, and sometimes, (ironically) that includes moving backward.
The first time I cried from the loss of my father to the time I felt nauseated, sitting there, learning of a disability I had. I did not realize then what I know now, I was on a ladder jostling the rungs, or on a mountain trying to find my footing.
Do senseless, sad, upsetting things happen in our lives for various reasons so that we can learn from the experiences? Does tragedy and heartache really make people stronger? I’m not so certain.
But like with everything in life, there is a choice. Fall and stay there, or fall and get back up. 

Learn; hope; take steps.
Just like I chose to walk a certain path after learning about my injury.

The way that a young boy decided to push aside the pain and attempt to walk with the help of some devices.
That when faced with injury that took away words, my mom made a choice and battled with learning how to talk all over again at the age of fifty-nine.
The young girl who decided stigma was just a six letter word and that she would not be ashamed or scared of living a life with HIV. 
The way that guy born with no fingers or feet made it known that all he really needed was a heart.
Whether it is three steps forward and one step back, or eight steps forward a hop skip and a jump, or a turn sideways and fourteen steps ahead. Just like us, all steps to be taken are different. But one thing does remain the same, the best way to go about it, to deal with any issue, is one step at a time.

Find a friend and enlist some support.

Do it on your own.

One foot forward. 

No pressure.

Take the step.

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