Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Maybe it is just like when we were children asking too many questions.

Having worked with young children in various settings that include volunteering as an assistant with junior and senior kindergarten school kids, working with Kinark Child & Family Services, and more recently spending time with my Niece & Nephew, I can safely say that sometimes I really want to answer the umpteenth question about why the water is wet, is simply by saying, Because.

Through life, the questions get more intense


There is this story I know of, it is of a young lady who dealt with breast cancer, and through a drawn out and tiring battle with the disease, went into remission. She now runs for the cure every year.

In a job I once held some time ago, I met this guy who was born with this condition that for the life of me I cannot pronounce. He lives every day in a wheelchair with no legs and only one hand with only two fingers. He has probably one of the best attitudes I have ever come across.

There is this girl I know that lives with a brain injury, sustained from a motor vehicle accident, and has mobility issues and a speech disorder. Yet this girl, this strong and beautiful person, takes time to go and visit schools and hospitals to share her story and bring about awareness and understanding.

I have met people who live with mental health issues and struggle through some horrible situations. I know of people who have lost loved ones and walk the path of life with little more than their own shadow. Their concerns, they are for the well being of others.

There are stories of people living with some serious disfigurements or survivors of a disease, and these people are motivational speakers with golden hearts.

Tales of caregiver stresses and depression, dealing with misunderstandings and even abandonment; yet they they are steadfast and powerful!

From working in a hospital setting to non-profit organizations, I have seen what should be the worst of circumstances become the most inspirational hope.


There are struggles, challenges, let downs, disappointments, heartaches, illness, and tears... I have seen them all around, from the young to the elderly... and still, people go on to achieve the remarkable. Frowns turn to smiles; hands are extended; words of wisdom shared; crying becomes laughter; lowered heads rise up to the clouds. Being lost turns to being found and a yearning to succeed; to spread kindness.

Omnipotent, monolithic, majestic, impressive, eminent. Words like these can define the unexpected.

So the answer to why. Why doesn't he give up? Why is she helping out? Why does that person care? Why continue the fight?

Sometimes, just maybe, the answer is simply, Because.

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