Thursday, September 3, 2015


"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Mark Twain

I would never say my life did not serve a purpose throughout my childhood, teenage years and a bit beyond; I just never really thought about it. My life was pretty much consumed with trying to understand things and getting through. Get through public school, graduate high school, figure out the whole friendship angle... never mind the girlfriend thing.
But there came a point, I cannot recall exactly when, that I knew there had to be something more for me. Yes, I enjoyed the creative arts as well as spending time with family and the few friends I had, but something inside gnawed at me and said that these things were not quite it.

My last year of Collage I spent one day a week volunteering at a school my mom taught kindergarten at. (This was before her accident and when she was still working) Spending time helping out with those kids, I felt something click inside of me. But it still took a while to understand.

It was after my mom's accident, combined with the revelation of my brain injury and understanding of why I faced and felt so many challenges, that I discovered something I kind of knew was always there. It was a strong will and a passion to help others; to give back; to become socially responsible. I had a knack for listening and understanding. I wore my heart on my sleeve and brought an open mind into any given situation with any individual.

And so the giving began......

And the giving continues......

Although I am quite proud of all the things I have done and still do, I am not going to share any of it here. Why? Because it is not really the point. All of us, as right minded, good intentioned individuals, have a purpose. Different, yes. Some may be big, some small....... they're actually all big even if you can't see it yourself, someone can. And that is the point, we all have purpose; whether you realize what it is or not. We need to listen to that small voice that fights for inspiration. We are all important, we just need to know it.

Maybe you have already made the discovery, but for some , I believe the search still goes on. We know it when we know it and I think purpose sometimes comes to us when, and in ways, we least expect.

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