Sunday, January 25, 2015

The State of Being Resolute

So a little over three weeks ago we brought in a New Year, 2015, and a tradition that most people follow is that of making a resolution. Why?
I read somewhere that like 90% of New Year resolutions fail. So again, why?

I think that making a conscience decision to make a change, whatever that may be, to improve ones life is great! Moving forward, learning, changing, getting better, getting healthier, these things and more are all a part of life. Resolving to do these things can happen at any given time; so why December 31st/January 1st?
It is pressure. It's a new calendar year being changed so I guess people feel that they must change with it.

I used to make my New Years resolution along with family and friends, it was just what we all did. Soon it became kind of just became a gimmick, and then I stopped. I came to the conclusion that change, in any fashion, is a very personal thing. Trying something new, setting a goal and making improvement is very commendable but can involve struggles and challenges; and when made at the wrong time can also be unrealistic and perhaps a bit too ambitious.

New Year's eve and day are a great time to celebrate and/or relax, not a time to make life altering goals that you may be unsure about and are saying for the sake of... well, tradition. Whether it is a big or small or somewhere in between, change or improvement can really only happen when you are ready and when you know that you can get support when needed. There is nothing wrong with a little help because most often we cannot accomplish a whole lot completely on our own, anyone who thinks or says otherwise is fooling only themselves... well, maybe others. And that is the pressure that comes with the New Years resolution, that it needs to be done all on ones own because all eyes are watching.

Make your changes when you are ready and prepared, and know that mistakes can and are allowed to happen. Don't set out your goals according to the change of the calendar.

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