Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Balancing Busy

So I recently obtained a new job and things have been going real good, a little busy, but good. After quite a bit of time away from the bloggershere and the workplace, (something that was beyond my control) after dealing with some emotional and physical health issues, after dealing with some personal and individual stresses, I am more than happy to be dealing with a little busy. I’ve come to realize that what I need most is a balance, not too busy but just enough. (And really, who doesn’t want this?)
When I am at work, volunteering, writing, even working around the house, I have a flow that keeps me going well enough to benefit myself and others. But if I am not paying attention and not too careful and I overstep, I can become overwhelmed and things can begin to spiral.

Life is full of challenges, some have more than others, and some of those can be worse and flutter up and down. Because of this there is something else that I have realized more than this needed balance thing, (though I suppose it is another form of balance) is that while I cannot ignore my health and other challenges, I cannot ignore my work; I cannot ignore my busy. While I need to remember to keep my (MY) pace and keep my (MY) style of organization and to keep my doctor’s appointments and continue seeing my social worker, I need to also remember to keep working and all of those other things that I mentioned, because I am good at them. I am good at being a Communications and Administration Coordinator, I am good at Mentoring and being an Advocate, I am good at being a writer.

We all have our ups and downs, and I truly understand that there are some downs worse than mine, but if I can get back up, I don’t see why anyone else can’t; or at least can’t try. Limitations may present themselves, but I really do think that with the right attitude, they can be made livable. I suppose creating a busy balance is all about perspective and it is gained only through life’s experience. We learn more and more as we go and grow. I don’t think reading one awesomely written blog post is going to change things…. but then again… livable, balance, perspective… one step at a time. Then we can all keep and maintain a proper, well balanced, busy.

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