Friday, January 13, 2012

The Art of Kinark

Kin usually refers to Kinship, which is defined as "a relationship between entities. It is one of the most basic principles for organizing individuals into social groups, roles, categories, and genealogy. Family relations can be represented concretely (mother, brother, grandfather) or abstractly after degrees of relationship. Degrees of relationship are codes of ethics that consider the bond of kinship between non-related persons."
Ark is a Latin-based word that means a "box" or container; usually one to hold onto something(s) that is special or precious.

With that said, let me present:

I joined this amazing organization a couple of years ago and have found what they do and offer to be atremendous value to the community! I urge you to visit their website and look around. They offer family services, crisis prevention services, child care, parenting programs, educational programs, "special friend" (big brother/sister) type services. They work with cases where mental health issues are a concern. There is a "Mrs Claus" program (the big guy can't always get all the credit) where volunteers meet and then fan out to various locations distributing food and presents; this one I love especially! I donned a Santa toque while driving my Dodge Neon this past Christmas...... Santa's helpers don't get a sleigh and reindeer.

I've met a few of the volunteers there and a lot of the Councillors and everyone is very caring and professional. They really do get involved and treat everyone fairly and individually. They are painting a picture of diversity and inclusion. This organization really does go by the idea that the right people with the right attitude really can change the world.

There are a few different programs such as this one spread throughout the land, and it is so important to lend aid to keep them going. This one just seemed to click with me and I am so glad to be a part of the Kinark team. Not only am I helping them out, but they are helping me out in return. I feel good about lending a much needed hand, I've met some great people, and I learn through the whole process. I grow in mind and spirit with every path they allow me to follow!

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