Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I see it in my dreams; I see it first thing in the morning when I wake up and rub the sleep out of my eyes; I see it when I'm looking out the window or standing by the lake looking out over the rippling water to the distant land on the other side. I often find myself staring off into nothingness, thinking about this or that or even nothing at all; and when I close my eyes, it's there. It is a shimmer of sliver, flowing like the Aurora Borealis, always within view whenever I'm looking for it.
During my childhood and teenage years I dealt with some personal setbacks and a lot of confusion, and I would have said that there was no silver back then, but I know now that I would have been wrong. I just didn't see it. Whether it be self-preservation, family, friends or other circumstances, I got through all of it. The saying "Every dark cloud has a silver lining" is true....... at least for me it is.
To me silver represents second chances, positivity, strength, determination, realization, guidance, and hope.

A middle aged woman fell and hit her head in such a way that the result was the need for brain surgery to remove a blood clot. Sure she has endured some physical and mental setbacks, but I don't remember ever seeing my mom as happy and relaxed as she is now and has been pretty much ever sense. The fall and the surgery were horrible things to go through, but there was a beautiful silver lining.

For all the barriers and challenges life has thrown at me there is silver, lining the way through it all. It is there in the love that I share with my family and my friends. It is in the beautiful eyes of my four and half month old niece. Silver is a blessing and it should be a way of life. Even though it may not be an object that we can physically touch, we can sure feel it and hold on to it.

Some of the worlds most tragic events have had rising stars come out of the ashes. A silver lining is found and followed and it can lead to some pretty amazing things. I do not think there will ever be a cure to avoiding the harshness that can fall into our lives, but I do know that if we keep our eyes open there will always be a silver rope pulling us up or a shimmer guiding our path. My eyes opened up to it quite a few years ago and I see it more and more all the time. I see it with my eyes and feel it with my heart.


  1. That's a wonderful attitude. I think the way we choose to see the world will also determine how we live in it. So silver it is ;)

  2. This is lovely, Mark. So many things are not only black or white, but grey. There's so much in the grey, it might be scary sometimes. But we must learn to be comfortable in the grey - then color our world (like I said a little while ago).

    I love that you turn to Silver like you do!