Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something to Talk About

I have my difficulties with public speaking, as I have blogged about in the past. Not only am I a bit of a shy guy when it comes to verbal discussion, I also have difficulties with things like keeping up, losing track of my own thoughts and words, and I often feel submersed in confusion. I am a lot better when it comes to social interaction than technical or business like dialogue, I'm more relaxed, I'm with friends who are more accepting of me and my challenges and are a bit more patient....... at least that's how I feel most of the time.
Anyway, with that in mind, I find it funny, as I'm sure others will, that I'm writing about 'talking'. I mean for a guy who is known to be a bit on the quiet side even I find it a bit strange that I've chosen this topic. But let me explain, I'm not so much talking about 'talking' verbally, I'm referring to 'communication' in general. I keep my mind open to learning things all of the time and I'm finally, really, beginning to understand that being good at communication does not just mean speaking from your mouth. I think to myself that I should have always known this, and maybe I have in a way, but writing and singing and dancing and even giving a good old fashioned hug are all expressive forms of communication.
Through avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and my blogging I'm communicating with others. I have always tried to be impeccable with my word and that is no different here in cyber space. When I write one of these blogs I try to communicate effectively, I hope I succeed. Because I think it is important to talk about things, keep open minds, share, and not be afraid. I think the more we communicate, really talk, the more we learn; the more we find out that we are not alone in the way feel; that some of us share a common ground; that acceptance and understanding is more universal than we might believe. Sometimes it is not even about sharing the "serious" stuff. Communicating and socializing, in whatever format you chose, helps us grow and understand things as individuals.
I've been told by work colleagues and other friends that I'm pretty good at writing and because of that I've continued to express myself and my thoughts in that manor. I do still talk (verbally) though, I just personally find writing easier when it comes to communicating those "serious" things and getting my thoughts properly organized. I think my method of communicating has helped me at work and I know its helped me in my 'real' life. So when I talk of growing and understanding I'm speaking from my own personal experience; but I do think that this 'communicating' thing being for the greater good may just be a universal phenomenon.
In many ways I find my writing...... or communicating.... or talking, very liberating and healthy. I think, and hope, it is something we can all share and feel. So let's talk.


  1. Let's talk then!

    I find it very hard for many people to communicate in any form. I find it hard for me to communicate at times, depending on the situation. Some people can testify me being quite outgoing while others will say I am very shy. I really believe that along with our past and/or our upbringing(in my case), we all sense the other person's energy and that affects the way we "behave" around them and our comfort is determined a great deal based on that. What do you think?

  2. I agree. I am, by nature, a quiet person. If we ever meet I'm sure you'd agree. My quietness can be viewed as a lack of enthusiasm and therefore a lack of interest..... which is completely not true. But once I get to know someone and they get to know me I think there is more understanding, patience and comfort. Then we "really" can communicate.

  3. This is such an important topic. Talking can be hard, it can be so hard in a variety of different situations and dynamics.

    But,it is so important!

    Thanks for addressing the topic in a great post.

  4. Thanks for the comment Amy...... it is important and I'm learning that more and more every day.

  5. From your post, I understood that you have no problem talking in public when you talk about a subject you know well and when your audience consists of friends-or at least, people you know. So, what really scares you is talking to people you do not know, about things you do not have sufficient knowledge of.

    It may help to accept two things: Number one: You will never know enough about a subject and that is perfectly natural. There is always room for more. Sure, it helps to know a lot about a subject you want to discuss, but it is perfectly fine not knowing anything about it.

    Number two: In your audience, often there are going to be people who you don't know whether that will happen during a presentation, or a social gathering. I think trying to impress them or get them to like you is what stresses you out...if you stop worrying about that and try to be yourself, stress will be reduced.

    I speak from personal experience...It took me years to get over my fear of public speaking. But practicing the above tips really helped me...and if I was helped, so can you, and so can everyone else.

  6. Now, as for writing...I totally understand what you are talking about. Writing allows you to express your feelings and thoughts without having to actually see the other person or talk to him. That itself sets you free. This was always a creative healthy outlet for me...I remember I started creating stories and poems in my head without even realizing it. When all those stories and poems became overwhelming for me, I just knew I had to share them with others, who might feel the same way. And it was then when I started thinking of publishing my work. And I went full steam ahead with it.

  7. Thanks for your comments Maria. I am beginning to get over certain fears, or at least being able to face them better. In part it is thanks to the confidence I get from writing; but also because of the openness and honesty I have come to share with not only others, but myself.

  8. *waves* Thanks for the follow, stop by and drop a few of your fabulous words!

    And I think you are definitely on the right track. Many aspiring authors I think becomes way too lax forgetting their purpose on Twitter, FB, blog, etc. To always be mindful that each and every word represents who we are is oh-SO-very important. Great post!