Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Contentment of Loneliness

I know that the title sounds a bit off, but I think we can still be content in our lives even when feeling the occasional pangs of loneliness. No? Maybe it's just me.
I have a handful of friends and I am in no current intimate relationship. People have come and gone from my life and I have loved and lost, and all of these moments, I value. These moments may also continue to come and go, or maybe not. Perhaps this is it. Perhaps I have all that I need; and sometimes I think, all that I can handle.

Maintaining the house that I live in, going to my job, taking my dog for walks, writing, enjoying my family, sharing a drink with one of my few close friends, watching a good television program or movie; I am content with these things. Sometimes, dare I say with a smirk on my face, even happy. Do I get lonely? Sure. But I'm willing to bet not much more, if at all, than those who surround themselves with many more relations in comparison to me.

Life is not perfect and my life has been anything but. However, we could also say the opposite of that. I myself am not sure. I'd like to say that my life is perfect because it seems like the right way to look at things.... but I don't know. What I do know is that I am content, and often closer to happiness than sadness. I cherish the people in my life and my moments. I fondly look back on my past, (most times anyway) and I greatly, and anxiously, look forward to the future ahead.

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  1. Dear Mark,
    If I interrupt your peacefulness, let me know. I've been trying to understand from your thoughtful posts, if you still like to explore new horizons? If you are content with yourself, than I should let you be at peace.
    I can try to understand, but I am incredibly ignorant to know what it has been like for you your entire life. I also don't know how much you want to tell me, I should probably read your book, "Challenging Barriers," though it's also good to get a one on one take.
    If you think I'm pushing you, I'd back away. So I'll chill, the balls all in your court babe.
    Talk to you later ;)