Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Journey of a Quiet & Friendly Bull-Giant

My journey has been full of potholes, life lessons, heartache and happiness. I don't expect perfection, and I don't think I really want it.

Defined by Wikipedia: Taurus () is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, Astrologers classify Taurus as a negative or passive (introvert) sign. This gives the characteristics of being reflective, receptive to the ideas of others: typically, a 'thinker' rather than a 'doer'. But being of the earth-triplicity, Taurus is considered by astrologers to be a highly practical sign which is happiest when involved in some kind of creative process. Although generally considered easy-going and placid, as a fixed sign Taureans are likened to the bull in being slow to show anger, but capable of raging if pushed too far. And they take time to eventually act on their anger and basically when they (Taureans) do, be rattled, because there's no telling what they'll unleash upon you. It is also said Taureans enjoy basic 'creative comforts' and don't allow others to disturb them easily, but they don't forgive and forget easily. Joanna Watters (2003) defined a key phrase for this sign as "I possess", and summarizes its strengths and weaknesses: "The positive side to this fixity is a ferocious willpower and absolute loyalty to loved ones, although they need to guard against possessiveness".

I don't think these astrological signs define us, I've looked at some horoscopes of mine in the past and have read things that totally were not me, but they can also be pretty damn accurate in a lot of places.

I just recently turned the BIG Four-Oh. (40) I've been told it is an age when you start feeling older. It is actually quite true. While I don't necessarily feel any different than I did two weeks ago at the age of 39, I definitely feel older than when I was 28; both physically and mentally. But I like to look at my growth through life in a positive way, not a negative way. Some hard lessons have been taught to me and I've managed through. I treasure my moments past, present and future.
Even if we need to let out a gut wrenching cry once and a while, or a scream of frustration, we need to accept and look beyond the dark times, because I believe that if we don't we'll never truly learn to live in the light, happy ones.

I've learned that the steps we take through life should be delicate and paced, accompanied by observation. A good portion of the time people are not that way and life ends up being rushed, and rough, and unfair. Instead of living for wealth and consumption, we should be more focused on compassion, love and acceptance.

Family is the truest bond in my life, but it is not bound by blood.
It's not about how many friends you have, it's about the quality they bring to you.
Forget about the 'what if?' and concentrate on 'what's next?'
Don't confuse being alone with loneliness.
I believe in God and I go to church; but I am not religious.
I don't think 'Love' is shared often enough, but perhaps said too much.
I suffered something horrible at the age of six and I still carry around scars from it to this day; but I am not prevented from living or functioning in life.
My disability scares me in only that others might not be willing to accept or try to understand.

Possibly because of the challenges/barriers I face, or perhaps the quiet nature of my persona, many people don't get me. Well, I don't get many people either, and I'm fine with that. Not everything deserves to be held onto. Sometimes we got to just let things just be the way they are and not get too stressed over the way we think things should be. Unless we're talking about good vs evil or right vs wrong (in the true sense) there is no 'should be'; there is just 'is' and 'in between'

Have I learned the meaning to life? I don't know if there is ONE meaning to life; but I think if there is, the meaning to life might just be that there will always be more to learn about the meaning to life.

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  1. Love this, Mark. Happy (belated) birthday! Mine was on the 20th of May.
    I think your definition is one of the best I've read so far about the meaning of life. Yes, there will always be more to learn about the meaning of life!